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TGI Justice Project Responds to CERD Committee Concluding Observations

March 18, 2008

From Miss Major, Organizing Director, and Melenie Eleneke, TIP member:

We are profoundly grateful for the time and effort the CERD Committee has taken to listen and consider testimony from members of the U.S. transgender women of color community. However, we are deeply disappointed at the absence of concluding observations and recommendations that specifically hold the U.S. accountable for failing to ameliorate the effects of racism on transgender women of color. Please click here to visit our website and view our comments on the Concluding Observations.


CERD Committee Releases Its Concluding Observations

March 2008

The UN CERD Committee has released its Concluding Observations, summarizing its findings and recommendations to bring the U.S. closer to compliance with the treaty.