Delegates meet with CERD Committee Member

Aleyamma Mathew, Program Director for WILD for Human Rights was able to coordinate a one on one meeting with U.N. CERD Review Committee member, Mr. Morten Kjaerum, Executive Director of the Danish Institute for Human Rights.  His interests include voting and elections procedures in the US, the strengthening of Human Rights Commission to act as enforcers and aid in the implementation of International human Rights obligations and developing human rights indicators as legislative and practical tools for understanding human rights in the U.S.

 Aleyamma was able to talk about the issues covered in the “Invisible Violations: A Report on Human Rights Abuses on Women of Color in the United States” and specifically stressed the multiplicity of gender discrimination and poverty which affects women of color in disproportionate ways.  This meeting added to the impact of Ms. majors and Ms Melenie’s testimonies in front of the CERD committte, and was able to make visible issues impacting transgender women and cited by Linos-Alexander Sicilianos in the opening remarks.

In the photo below (L-R): Miss Melenie (TGI), Miss. Major (TGI), Mr. Morten Kjaerum(CERD Committte), Aleyamma Mathew (WILD for Human Rights ), Chivy Sok (WILD for Human Rights)




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