U.S. Answers Innacurately to Questions from CERD Committee

The following document outlines questions by Rapporteur about the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Periodic Reports on racial discrimination submitted by the U.S. These questions were provided and asked of the U.S. governmentental delegation before coming to Geneva for review. The US sent written answers to the CERD committee members before their formal review of the U.S. on the 21st and 22nd of February. The full text can be found at us-report-back-to-cerd-committee.pdf but here is a choice example:

In the following quotation, the US denies the existence of a “School to Prison Pipeline”:

Regarding the Committee’s concern about the “school-to-prison pipeline,” it may behelpful to explain how discipline issues in U.S. schools are typically addressed… Because school discipline and the environment of each school are individual to each school, a broad brush characterization such as the “school-to-prison” pipeline cannot be made, and no data documents such a phenomenon.


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