Delegates Meet with Special Rapporteur on Racism

The Special Rapporteur on Racism is charged by the Commission on HumanRights to monitor and report on racism, racial discrimination andxenophobia. To carry out this duty, the Special Rapporteur worksclosely in close consultation with governments, non-governmentalorganizations and relevant organization in the U.N. system. TheSpecial Rapporteur submits annual reports on the activities ofcountries and can conduct country visits. The United States was lastvisited in Oct 1994. The current Special Rapporteur, Doudou Diene(Senegal) is welcomed a meeting with US NGOs in preparation for hisvisit to the US for 2008.Pictured here: (l to r) Special Rapporteur, Doudou Diene(Senegal);Roksana Mun, Desis Rising Up and Moving Youth Power! (NY); AleyammaMathew WILD for Human Rights (San Francisco).dscn0994.jpg


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