Live Report from Geneva Testimony

Brisk and cold . . . Brought walking shoes and delighted . . . Good public transportation but long walks in-between.  UN space is huge and empty . . .  No direction, assistance, or help . . . Fudge your way through till you find it – leave at 7:30am to be there by 11am . . . Amazing. 

Morning – taught how to present at this forum.  UN presentation in UN Style adjust how I usually do this thing . . . calmer, kooler—dry run of testimony. 

TESTIMONY:  Mel and I did good.  We both spoke with a delegate after it concluded.  Chivy got video and is sending out . . . the video by Andrea`s group going out tonight, also.

 –Miss Major 


One response to “Live Report from Geneva Testimony

  1. Billie Cooper at large

    Hi there how are you? This is my first ever Blog comment and I am so happy Alex signed me up for Computer Class. I am so very proud of you two for giving every Transwoman a voice in the world, so Love and Kisses from all the gang.

    Sincerly yours Ms. Cooper

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