Leaving for Geneva!

To start with, it is a honor to be sent across the globe to give a voice to the transgender women’s community that i am a part of, to let the world know that not only do we exist but we’re human and have the right to be respected just because we are here, no more / no less. Having always heard of the different attitudes over in Europe, it is stunning that I shall see it for myself — to take the ambiance of that culture and bring what I’ve absorbed home to my community. Iis going to be a wonderful experience, along with being nerve-wracking. I am anxious, nervous, excited, happy, fearful, blessed, delighted, and overjoyed — to be given a chance to let the international human rights community see one of us transgender women and realize they are no different than I am. We want jobs, education, and to be trained. We have families, pets, & bills like the rest of society. I hope to make my girls proud of themselves their rich history / the future / and believe in a new day///(Miss Major, TGIJP Organizing Director, Fri, 15 Feb 2008 23:11:37 -0800 PST)


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